This is part 1 of a series of my 2012 Halloween feature craft. This piece involves making some layered flowers with melted edges. There are several tutorials on the web for making these, so I guess mine will just be one more :o)

First gather the things you need:
  • A candle (soy preferred)
  • Scissors
  • A variety of synthetic fabrics (satin, chiffon, tulle & organza) - don't use natural fibers - those catch fire - synthetics melt.

Step 1: Cut out some crappy circles - I mean crappy. Don't make them nice & neat, make them so that you're not even sure they qualify as a "circlesque" object. Make them all different sizes (mine vary from about 2.5" to .05")

Step 2: Melt the edges of your circles over the candle flame. I like a soy candle because the flame stays lower & there's no residue smoking up from it. It's much easier to manipulate... soy candles just make a craft friendlier fire.

I like to lay my circles out on the scissors & gently move it around the flame. You need to hold it with something because it will get crazy hot. Synthetic fabric will burn & catch fire if you're not watching it, so keep your fabric moving.   PS - you will have some jumpers. Just plan to loose a couple to the wax :o)
Step 3: Stack them up & pin them in place. I made a mix of all kinds because I wasn't sure how I wanted to stack them. They all stacked a bit differently
On the top left corner are my "jumpers." I lost 3 circles to the soy candle - oh well - that's why I had a bazillion circles to choose from.
Step 4: Stitch them together. I like to stitch a little "X" in the center - then I begin with my beads. For these flowers, I didn't want the center to draw too much attention, so I used beads the blended in. I strung 3 beads to make a bridge & then added one bead to each side of the bridge  - 5 beads per flower. Tie your knots off to the back.
To knot the back, put your needle through some fabric, loop the thread around it 3 times, then pull you needle straight. The 3 loops will scrunch down & form a knot.

Here's my batch of dark flowers... stay tuned to find out what I'm going to do with them.


10/16/2012 8:32pm

those are so cool.

rachael montgomery
11/06/2012 3:07am

how fabulous. many thanks for sharing x

11/06/2012 6:22am

They're Gorgeous!

11/06/2012 8:27am

always looking for new ideas to make fabric flowers. Very unique.Thanks for sharing.


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